February 22, 2023

Building solutions for the climate crisis with MachineMax

With a worsening climate crisis, the push to reach the UK’s net-zero carbon commitments and a cost-of-living crisis; data-led innovation in infrastructure is set to accelerate in 2023.

An article published in Construction News (CN) speaks upon a recent report by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). The report suggests that a lessened budget, during the economic downturn, for infrastructure projects will accelerate the use of data to drive productivity and efficiency on construction sites.

A breakthrough will be needed in the coming five years to meet the net-zero carbon commitments in the UK, ICE predicts. Measurement of the whole-life carbon impact of infrastructure is said to be a fundamental part of the change.

MachineMax facilitates the measurement of CO2 emissions from all heavy plant and machinery used on construction sites, as well as tracking live location, fuel usage, productivity and utilisation. The platform is widely used to monitor unproductive idling and provides site teams with the tools to reduce inefficiencies via data-led innovation in the form of metrics, heatmaps, geofences and machine routes.

By reducing unnecessary idling, significant improvements can be made in fuel consumption and emissions. Shockingly, the average machine idles for up to 40% of its operation time. However, through MachineMax data analysis, we have observed that implementing changes based on our findings can result in savings of approximately 25% on fuel expenses and a substantial reduction in emissions.

Industry data suggests that two million tonnes of greenhouse gases are unnecessarily emitted per annum. With MachineMax as a tool, infrastructure projects could reduce this figure significantly, helping the journey to ‘Net-Zero by 2050’ and easing the pressure of a reduced budget for major infrastructure projects.

In conclusion, it is evident that data-led innovation is set to accelerate in infrastructure projects as a result of the worsening climate crisis and the need to meet the UK's net-zero carbon commitments. The Institution of Civil Engineers has predicted that a breakthrough is required in the coming years to achieve the required changes.

MachineMax, with its ability to measure CO2 emissions from heavy plant and machinery on construction sites and track live location, fuel usage, productivity, and utilisation, provides a solution that could help reduce unnecessary emissions of greenhouse gases. By implementing data-led changes, such as reducing unproductive idling, the platform can help lower fuel expenses and reduce emissions, thus contributing towards the goal of achieving Net-Zero by 2050.

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