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Our comprehensive solution includes  in-cab operator monitoring, collision avoidance, operator to machine allocation, site-wide individual tracking, and people-plant interface analysis. Our modular approach enables you to add extra dimensions, depending on your focus or identified risks.  MachineMax safety solutions  include safety alerts, metric reporting, non-compliance reports, historical playback for audits and real-time reporting.
Using vision
We've teamed up with optical sensing providers to enhance on-site camera imagery by deploying edge-based machine learning algorithms via existing or MM-acquired optical sensors. This transformation enables a bird's-eye view of operations, reducing the reliance on multiple asset-specific devices. Moreover, it offers heightened insights into movement analytics and behavioral risks, streamlining operations.
Material management
We're boosting site productivity by enhancing our existing module with new features. These additions encompass a lightweight productivity solution and the precise tracking of material movement and material types, all aimed at streamlining operations and improving efficiency across the site.
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