Levelling up connectivity

MachineMax excels at efficiently sourcing data directly from sites. Through seamless integrations, we empower businesses to effortlessly collect and harness valuable insights for optimised operations and informed decision-making.


Plug and play

We've developed connections with leading OEMs, third-party providers, CMMS providers, rental and ERP systems and more. Additionally, MachineMax provides tailored connectors to extract data from non-standard systems. We recognise that B2B customers often have established systems and trusted vendors, so we have solutions to easily gather this data too.

Our solutions

Our innovative hardware solutions are designed to fill the gaps where data is non-existent or insufficient. From battery powered activity sensors, to magnetic tipping devices, MachineMax has a wide range of hardware solutions to support the most complex of problems.

Integration as a service

Integral to the MachineMax offering is integration as a service. This involves seamless integration with diverse data sources such as drones, ERP, CMMS, weather, and rental management systems. The hardware is secondary; our primary super power lies in efficiently gathering extensive data from various origins, utilising advanced hardware solely to bridge informational gaps and use this data to provide valuable insights.

Our other solutions

Next generation data

Data processing at MachineMax involves APIs for fluid data flow, integrated external sources, hardware-backed insights, and improved algorithms. A central warehouse structures diverse data for user-friendly utilisation, building trust with our global clients.
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Digital twin

Through the use of digital twin architecture, we utilise multiple connectivity solutions and data sources to automate business processes and surface actionable insights, helping our customers optimise and maximise the profitability and productivity of their operations, as well as achieve their sustainability goals.
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