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Globally recognised companies

MachineMax partners with customers to deliver best in class solutions which enhance decision making capabilities, improving efficiency and sustainability. Our customers operate across the globe , usually in complex and remote locations across many different verticals including mining, construction, plant hire, material handling, oil & gas & more.





What our customers have to say

“Using MachineMax brought numerous benefits such as reduced idling and reduced fuel burn which in turn helped our CSR and emissions targets. We were able to reduce our fuel usage by 25% and our emissions by 3-10% by implementing changes from the MachineMax platform”

"For one single machine we were able to save over £20,000 on fuel usage and maintenance and we were only aware of this through analysing the data from MachineMax"

“With MachineMax we have now found a technology partner that helps us to extend our existing product range to connect cross-OEM equipment and provide data insights for our customers to increase productivity and efficiency.”

“Telematics is key to customers understanding how hard their machines are working versus when they do not need a machine so they can choose the right equipment, choose the correct capacities, have they got the right volume of machines and are they in the right place. This is only possible through the data MachineMax can provide”

“We are using MachineMax to monitor the idling time and fuel consumption of our machinery because, as a company, Murphy is committed to reduce its carbon emissions. This is evident through our HS2 Euston project where we were able to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% through MachineMax”

“Using data has ensured that the right machine is on site, at the right time and working on a suitable task”