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How do the MachineMax sensors work?

The self-powered, wireless, magnetic sensor is placed on an asset to track its location and utilization. We monitor the vibration data, it is then transmitted to our cloud using LoRa, where we use machine learning to understand the unique 'signature' of each machine.

What information can I get from a MachineMax sensor?

Utilisation (on, off, idle)

Where should I place the sensor?

Place it on the outside of the equipment. Placing it vertically and as close to the motor / engine, the more detailed the analysis.
For machine specific placement please download our guide

Can I re-use a sensor?

Yes, as the sensors are magnetic one can remove and re-apply to another machine at anytime. See this guide on how to re-allocate a sensor to a new machine in the platform.

Can MachineMax sensors be installed on all equipment?

Yes, our sensors can be installed on any and all equipment

Do the MachineMax sensors work on older equipment?

Yes, our sensors can be installed on any age equipment.

Can it be used on rented equipment?

Yes, as there is no invasive installation it can easily be placed on rental equipment.

What if I have a mixed fleet?

The sensors are OEM & manufacturer agnostic.

Can I use a sensor on electrically powered equipment?

Yes, our devices work on equipment that have electric power supplies.

How do I activate the MachineMax sensor?

Simply turn it on and place it on the equipment. You can see how to set it up in this video

How big is the sensor?

About as big as a pack of cards. 11.5 x 8 x 3.5cm

How long does the battery last for?

18 months.

Sensor disposal and returns when the battery runs out?

We will get an alert when the battery is nearing end of life and at that point we will send you a new sensor and specify which equipment you need to replace.

Used MaxTracker's should be disposed of through proper electronic recycling channels. These contain Lithium-ion batteries and devices containing these batteries should not go in standard garbage or recycling bins. They can cause fires during transport or at landfills and recyclers. We ask that you drop them off to an office supply store or electronic waste collection points.

MaxActive's and any unused MaxTracker's may be returned to the MachineMax UK headquarters.

What kind of environment can the MachineMax sensors withstand?

-40°C to +60°C temperature. IP67 rated.

Are you CE certified?


How strong are the magnets?

They can withstand a g-force of up to 10g.


Do I need a gateway?

Some areas have a vast LoRa network coverage and the sensors communicate directly on this network, negating the need for a gateway. E.g., Netherlands & Belgium have country wide coverage.

Depends on the size of the site, typically the gateway has the range of more than 1KM.

Depends on the size of the site, typically the gateway has the range of more than 1KM.

What is the gateway range?

A minimum radius of 1KM.

How do the gateways connect to the network?

The gateways have a built-in SIM card which communicates via cellular network. All you need to do, is turn on a gateway and the sensors will immediately start communicating with it. Chat to us if you don’t have cellular connectivity, we have alternative options.

Where should I place the gateway?

Somewhere with a good line of site to the equipment. If you are tracking surface equipment, then the higher the better.

What are the gateway specifications?

Do the gateways need power?

Yes, they need a power source but can also run off solar panels.

What if the equipment is out of the gateway's range?

The sensors can store data for up to a month and if there is a break in transmission the gateway will instruct the sensor to resend the data when back in range.

How do I set up my gateway's?

Gateways are relatively easy to setup and can be done so in around 5 minutes, you can see how to set them up here


What kind of actionable insights do I get from the data?

This can be tailored to suit your needs - users can get automated daily / weekly / monthly alerts.

How long does it take for the machine learning to understand the equipment's data?

Results are seen almost immediately, and the model takes about a day to get to 100%

What if some of my equipment already have telematics?

We can import that data so that the MachineMax dashboard have all your equipment data in one spot.

How do I access the data from the sensors?

There are a few options:
Log into
Use our API's to publish the data to your digital ecosystem
Download CSV data

Can I integrate the MachineMax data with other systems?

Yes, we have a standard set of API's and you can download the data in CSV format. See our current integrations and their requirements here


Do I need connectivity?

Connectivity is required however intermittent connectivity is OK too - chat to us for more information.

What is LoRa?

LoRa is a low powered, long range bi-directional communication protocol, specifically designed to connect battery operated 'things' to the internet. For more information check out

What frequency does Lora transmit on?

This depends on the country
Europe: EU863-870 & EU433
USA: US902-928
China: CN470-510 & CN779-787
AUS: AU915-928
For more countries please go to


Can I set it up myself?

Absolutely, we can send you the relevant number of sensors & gateways with instructions on where best to place the gateway. See how to setup our gateways here. And our sensors here.

What is involved with setup?

Place the sensors on the equipment and let us know which sensor is on which equipment - that's it. You can see how to set up the sensor in this video.

Is there any training required?

No, place the sensors on the equipment and let us know which sensor is on which equipment. You will immediately start to see the data on the dashboards which are intuitive to use and self-explanatory.

Download Rising_RHF2S208EH8 Specification