November 29, 2023

Cango Mobility and MachineMax forge pioneering partnership

Cango Mobility, a leading provider of vehicle data and fleet management solutions, has entered into a trailblazing partnership with MachineMax, the trusted data solution in construction monitoring. This innovative collaboration has brought Cango's expertise in on-highway fleet management to the heart of the construction industry, enabling seamless integration of their hardware solutions and data into MachineMax's platform.

Bianca Barbu, Telematics Innovations Lead at Cango Mobility, expressed her excitement about this transformative collaboration, stating:

"This marks a significant milestone for Cango Mobility, as it's the first instance where our cutting-edge technology is successfully harnessed in the construction sector. Our partnership with MachineMax reflects our commitment to expanding the horizons of data-driven solutions and delivering tangible benefits to an entirely new audience."

This partnership leverages Cango's extensive experience in collecting and interpreting truck and vehicle data and seamlessly integrates it into the construction space. The data, previously confined to the on-highway sector, is now also interpreted on heavy equipment and seamlessly flows into the MachineMax platform, providing construction companies with a powerful tool for enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and providing insights to live machine operation data, improving overall fleet management.

For insights into the practical implementation of this integration, Justin Navetta, Head of Hardware at MachineMax elaborated, "Cango’s hardware solutions have been deployed on a construction project that relies on a diverse range of sensors, allowing us to gather valuable data from various mixed fleet equipment. This integration has enabled us to accurately track emissions, a critical metric in the construction industry, thereby contributing to a greener and more sustainable future."

MachineMax, with its robust platform, has played a vital role in bringing Cango's data into the construction industry, creating new avenues for cost optimisation, fuel conservation and more precise reporting. The synergy between the two companies sets a new benchmark for how data-driven solutions can revolutionise the construction sector, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions that positively impact their bottom line.

The successful partnership between Cango Mobility and MachineMax highlights the growing importance of seamless data integration across industries. It underscores how a shared vision of leveraging technology can yield monumental results, significantly improving costs, conserving fuel resources and delivering more accurate operational reports with live insights for businesses in both the on-highway and construction sectors.

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