February 15, 2023

Transforming operator efficiency with Flannery

Flannery Plant Hire has partnered with Balfour Beatty to create an Operator Skills Hub in Birmingham. The Hub is designed to address the skills gap and train operators in operating construction machinery. The training involves creating a mentor-mentee relationship that offers inexperienced operators the chance to gain confidence and build experience under a mentor's supervision.

Chris Matthew, the Strategic Manager at Flannery, says the Eco-operator course at the Skills Hub goes beyond teaching how to operate machines. It focuses on understanding data that the machines generate to promote efficient operation, interpretation of modes suitable for specific tasks and managing risks.

Flannery is utilising MachineMax to provide data to its customers and engage them in a more consultative way. Chris said MachineMax has helped the company forge closer relationships with customers, which enable the company to "assess how that machine is performing," including whether the operator needs more training or whether a different technology could be deployed more effectively

The joint venture with Balfour Beatty is driving innovation within the sector. Aaron Davis, Head of Skills and Training for Flannery Plant Hire, said Flannery is working on several projects in which it is leading the way with clients to maximise efficiency through the use of data from machines. By using MachineMax Flannery can provide the data to help operators improve their fuel efficiency, reduce risks and reduce their idling time.

This is empowering fleet and plant managers, as well as the operators themselves, to be more efficient and effective. Dominic Murphy, who works for Flannery Plant Hire, said that operator training is key, as it helps prevent operators from picking up bad habits that they may develop through the course of their work.

The joint venture is seen as a positive development for the construction sector, which has been struggling to address the issue of operator training and equipment performance. By working closely with operators and machine data, Flannery Plant Hire is helping to improve efficiency and make construction sites safer for everyone.

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