March 31, 2023

Implementing SMS shutdown alerts for ALIGN JV

Collaboration has always been at the forefront of innovation. By developing a bespoke solution that delivers instant SMS shutdown alerts, MachineMax working alongside their client, Align JV, has effectively tackled the issue of unexpected shutdowns of equipment used in the construction of the Colne Valley Viaduct which Align is delivering as part of HS2 Phase One.

During the construction of the viaduct piers there is continual water ingress through the piling walls and hydraulic submersible pumps operate 24/7 to ensure water is kept at an acceptable level until the concrete in the piers has set. If the pumps cease running the area can fill with water which will delay concrete pours and impact curing time. Align approached MachineMax to help find a solution for monitoring these dewatering pumps; Following a review of the breakdown records, MachineMax proposed the installation of a sensor on each power unit. An SMS is then triggered to alert the construction team to any shutdown, enabling a prompt response.  Start-up alerts have also been configured to confirm resolution and prevent unnecessary trips to the working area.

Shutdown alerts can be applied to any powered equipment on site to provide prompt alerts to status changes. Alerts could be used to monitor an item of critical equipment, to report the start-up of an auxiliary generator or any powered asset on the project.

MachineMax has been working with Align’s earthworks team since January 2022 and from April '22 has had 62 pieces of equipment connected. With the MaxTracker sensor, Align is able to see the real-time location of these machines through the MachineMax platform. MachineMax measures the idle time of machines to support reductions in carbon emissions and maximise productivity. In addition, the ability to review routes has allowed the earthworks team to better measure the material movements and avoid delays on the upstream tunnelling process.

Through the partnership, MachineMax has proven to be a flexible and responsive partner, working closely with Align to ensure the success of this project.

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