May 25, 2022

Streamlining fleet operations - MachineMax integral to improving Imerys fuel efficiency

Learn how we have helped global mining company Imerys to reduce their fleets fuel consumption by 25% and lower carbon emissions by 3-10 %
  • Leading supplier of mineral based solutions operating in 142 countries
  • Imerys partnered with MachineMax in 2020.

Leading supplier of mineral based solutions operating in 142 countries


Imerys has been struggling to gain full visibility of their fleet’s operations as Mining Director, Matthew Jones explains: “We don’t come from a history of having a strong mindset of data capture in our mine environments.” this has led to their machinery to work suboptimal.

Facing operational inefficiencies:
  • Suboptimal equipment utilisation leading to unnecessary costs, project delays and environmental impact.
  • Engine data fragmented across different manufacturers' systems.

By integrating 100% of Imerys' fleet across all mines, the company gained comprehensive access to real-time data, including GPS location, idling times, and utilisation rates. This facilitated the identification of operational inefficiencies, such as overcapacity, mismatched equipment, inefficient site layout, and suboptimal operator behavior. Addressing these issues has enhanced fleet productivity and operational efficiency for Imerys.

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