August 23, 2022

How ConTech can reduce CO2 emissions - MachineMax integral to Murphy's carbon reduction

With Murphys ambitions aiming high for a 50% reduction of C02 emissions, proper accountability is vital. MachineMax is playing an integral role in their £75 million digital transformation!

With Murphys high-reaching sustainability targets set, they need a way to ensure that they can not only track emissions but also have actionable ways to reduce them for example, by using tools such as idling heatmaps to identify bottlenecks to reduce unnecessary fuel usage and emissions. Therefore, Murphy chose to aggregate all machine data into the MachineMax platform.


Before the MachineMax integration Murphy found it difficult to track there carbon emissions. Without this data it was impossible to properly set realistic targets that can be achieved. Furthermore, without fuel usage and idling data they found it difficult to identify machines, tasks and routes that caused unnecessary fuel consumption.

  • Optimise site layout by identifying idling inefficiencies.
  • Streamlined machine usage.
  • dentified and replaced high emission machines replacing them with electric or hybrid alternatives.

If you want to learn more about how MachineMax helped effectively reduce Murphys emissions on HS2 by 10%, download the case study below:

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