January 4, 2023

MachineMax kickstarts its graduate scheme with two new SDRs

A key value at MachineMax is to hire and develop the best and as part of that mission, it has been a goal within the company to kick-start an internal graduate scheme to provide structured training and development opportunities for new hires, helping them to learn the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles and advance within the company.

Alicia Kakkad and Tom Phillips were the successful graduates who were selected for the Sales Development Representative (SDR) roles in collaboration with the sales/graduate recruitment company, Pareto. Pareto offers graduate schemes for recent graduates interested in a career in sales. Candidates are assessed on their core skills through assessment days, and the top performers are recommended as candidates to other companies. The successful candidates then undergo an interview process and are selected based on personality, career aspirations, and cultural fit.

Now hired, Tom and Alicia will receive in-house training on sales skills, as well as ongoing training from Pareto for 18 months, where they demonstrate and present what they have learned in a practical environment. The main responsibilities of the role include being a bridge between sales and marketing, generating leads, qualifying those leads and marketing.

Before joining MachineMax Alicia graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a 2:1 Bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations, and with a distinction in MSc Management and Marketing in 2022. Throughout her studies, Alicia gained an extensive understanding of business processes, product development, marketing and sales.

When asked why MachineMax was an appealing company to kickstart her career, Alicia said:

“Something particularly compelling about MachineMax was the rate at which the company had grown in the previous year, and how much it is forecasted to expand in the coming years. With an interest in communications and business development, I was excited by the challenge. Furthermore, the sustainability aspect of the product was appealing to me, as MachineMax has the capacity to assist in the reduction of the construction and mining industry’s carbon emissions.”

Tom recently graduated from the University of Leeds with a BSc (Hons) in Geography and Geology. During his time at university, he gained exposure to construction and earthworks sites and became interested in pursuing a career in this industry. After completing his degree, Tom decided to pursue a more personable career path in sales and marketing within the construction and sustainability sector.

Tom has been with MachineMax for just over a month now and when asked about his time here so far he said:

“MachineMax is a fast-paced environment, and I am loving the constant new opportunities and activities I am being given and exposed to. Everyone has been very helpful and supportive in answering any questions I have had and the company culture is great! I have been at MachineMax for just over a month and I’ve been to important client meetings, exhibitions, award dinners, staff socials and more!”

Through Pareto both Alicia and Tom are enrolled on their Sales Executive Graduate Apprenticeship Scheme, regularly communicating and tracking their professional development.

VP of sales, James Atkinson has been key in the introduction of the MachineMax graduate programme and when asked about the introduction of the two new SDRs he stated:

“Success in solution sales requires a deep understanding of an organisation's needs, goals, and current processes. The company views its sales team as trusted advisors to the industry, helping organisations become more efficient and successful through the adoption of digital technology. To train and develop the team to exceed market expectations, the company offers opportunities to ambitious and driven graduates, who approach learning with passion and enthusiasm. MachineMax believes that this approach will result in the development of a strong team of future high performers and industry experts, and this approach will have a positive impact on the sector.”

Welcome to the team Alicia and Tom, we are excited to grow as a business with you both!

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