February 9, 2023

MachineMax Named Top 20 in Build in Digital's Top 50 Contech Partners

MachineMax has been recognised as one of the top 20 tech partners in Build in Digital's Top 50 Contech Partners competition. The competition, which offers an independent account of the best construction technology firms operating in the built environment, received hundreds of submissions from companies across the globe.

The judges praised MachineMax for its innovative solutions to tackle various issues within the construction industry. They highlighted the company's fleet solution for performance and operations management, which has the potential to reduce insurance costs, improve asset security, and optimise budget forecasting. The judges also praised MachineMax's use of sensing technology to monitor plant usage on mega projects and reduce fuel consumption, which supports the industry's journey towards a carbon-zero future.

This recognition as a top 20 tech partner in the competition is a testament to MachineMax's commitment to improving the efficiency and sustainability of the construction process. The company's innovative approach to construction technology has made it a trusted partner for many companies within the sector worldwide and has helped to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the construction process.

In conclusion, the recognition of MachineMax as a top 20 tech partner in Build In Digital's Top 50 Contech Partners competition is a reflection of the company's dedication to delivering innovative solutions to the construction industry. The company's focus on sustainability and improving the efficiency of the construction process has earned it a well-deserved place among the top technology firms in the sector.

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