June 21, 2023

MachineMax: National Highways Outcome Award Winners

MachineMax, along with Costain, WSP, Flannery, and Forkers, has been recognised as the winner of the Transformation category at the National Highways Outcome Awards for their collaborative effort on the M6 J21a to 26 project. 

The project involved a trial of the MachineMax sensor to monitor plant idling, which offered more accurate data compared to traditional sensors. The success of this trial was made possible through the combined efforts of the partnering organisations.

To ensure the smooth implementation of the trial, Costain, WSP, Flannery, MachineMax, and Forkers worked together to fit the sensors onto the equipment. They also provided the necessary training for using the sensors, analysed the collected data, and engaged with the drivers involved in the project.

The collaborative team effectively installed sensors on plant and closely monitored the gathered data. They then compiled detailed reports, breaking down the costs associated with reducing idling and highlighting the expenses incurred due to fuel consumption during idling periods. Furthermore, the team examined the duration of idling instances, categorising them into specific time thresholds such as idling over 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 1 hour, along with the corresponding Plant ID for each instance. This comprehensive analysis went beyond previous studies on idling and provided valuable insights for the project.

The successful collaboration between Alliance/Costain, MachineMax, WSP, Flannery, and Forkers on the M6 J21a to 26 project exemplifies the power of a supply chain working together to achieve transformative outcomes. Through their joint efforts, they have showcased the potential of innovative sensor technology and data analysis in optimising operations and reducing costs within the construction and highways industry.

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