April 13, 2023

MachineMax partners with Ístak

MachineMax partners with Icelandic main contractor, Ístak, to provide a comprehensive view of their sites and machines. 

Ístak is an Icelandic main contractor that specialises in building, civil engineering, and environmental work. With over 25 years of experience, they have been involved in a variety of projects, including roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, and sewage treatment plants. They strive to provide quality services and innovative solutions to their clients in Iceland and abroad.

In order to streamline their operations, Ístak recognised the need for a unified view of their numerous sites and machinery. They sought an intuitive and comprehensive solution that would provide them with up-to-date information on the status of their equipment which is why they chose MachineMax.

The MachineMax platform exceeded Ístak's expectations by providing a 360-degree view of their machinery and sites. They were especially impressed with the software's advanced visualisation capabilities, which enabled them to monitor their machines' performance and productivity with ease. Furthermore, the platform allows them to set geofences and track their equipment's real-time location, enhancing their overall operational efficiency.

The partnership will connect sites in Iceland and bring nearly 300 machines onto the MachineMax platform. This move is aimed at enhancing Ístak's ability to manage the operation of its machinery and equipment leading to better utilisation, improved scaling of work, and increased productivity.

Eoghan Simpson, Corporate Sales Executive at MachineMax said:
“ We’re thrilled to be working closely with Ístak and helping them achieve their goals of improving productivity and reducing costs. As we continue to develop and enhance our platform, Ístak will benefit from new features and capabilities that will further optimise their operations. I firmly believe that a good beginning leads to a good end, as the Icelandic proverb goes: Af góðu upphafi vonast góður endir.”

MachineMax's partnership with Ístak is a significant step forward in enhancing the Icelandic main contractor's ability to manage their machinery and equipment. Both companies are excited to develop together to achieve a more connected world.

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