June 16, 2020

MachineMax partners with Truphone to roll out global ESIM technology

MachineMax and Truphone announce its partnership to roll out its cutting-edge eSIM technology across the business.

MachineMax provides sensor devices for off-highway heavy equipment users to maximise the productivity of every machine in their fleet. By implementing Truphone’s state-of-the-art eSIM technology to its devices, MachineMax will now benefit from global connectivity straight out of the box.

What’s more, every eSIM profile in MachineMax’s fleet can now be updated and connected remotely and at scale from the Truphone for Things platform—enabling users to deploy and manage connectivity for thousands of devices at the touch of a button.

As an intrinsically global company, MachineMax needed a connectivity provider that could meet their international requirements. Truphone’s network supports 2G, 3G, 4G and CAT-M1/LTE-M worldwide, all with a single SIM card, and its simple pre-paid plans are flexible, dependent on our user's specific global footprint.

Amit Rai, CEO at MachineMax said:

“Our exciting partnership with Truphone brings global connectivity to our award-winning offering, providing our customers with a superior experience and complete peace of mind to track their entire global fleet at the touch of a button.
That’s 24/7 coverage of their machines, no matter the site size or manufacturer, we really can track them all. With the support of Truphone, we are confident we can continue our rapid global expansion whilst providing seamless global connectivity.”

Ralph Steffens, CEO at Truphone said:

“We developed our Truphone for Things platform to simplify the whole process of onboarding, managing and using IoT connectivity for companies exactly like MachineMax—who want their devices to just connect – and work – instantly, out of the box. All too often, we think of the IoT as this complex, futuristic technology, when the truth is—IoT is now, and, with Truphone, IoT is simple.”    
About MachineMax

MachineMax is a global company providing an innovative equipment management platform for off-highway heavy equipment users to track and maximise the productivity and profitability of every machine in their fleet.

MachineMax has been created by a dedicated team of engineers, data scientists, designers and construction professionals based in London, UK.

In December, MachineMax were selected as one of the Top 50 Contech Startups in 2019 by CEMEX Ventures and also won the Smart Use of Machinery: Technology for Heavy Plant award at NCE TechFest.

About Truphone

Truphone believes that connectivity can be easier, smarter and more efficient. Since 2006, we have built state of the art SIM software, intuitive management platforms and a powerful global network to make this a reality.

Every day, our technicians engineer better connections between things, people and business to make the world smarter. Headquartered in London, we have 12 offices across four continents and continue to expand globally.

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