April 27, 2022

MachineMax Support Shell Pakistan

Shell Pakistan has partnered with MachineMax to connect over 5,000 pieces of machinery aligning with their ‘Powering Progress’ strategy to accelerate the transition of their business to net-zero emissions. Powering Progress has four main goals in support of Shell’s purpose, to power progress together by providing more and cleaner energy solutions.

The biggest challenge faced by customers from mining and construction sector is lack of any consolidated view of the fleet/ earth moving equipment, it is often the case that equipment operates sub-optimally, resulting in unnecessary costs, project delays, and a detrimental impact on the environment. To what was previously a manual task for customers to report this data, live machine data has now been implemented to highlight inefficiencies and underperformance on their sites which will save time and resources.

Through the MachineMax calculator, Shell Pakistan can now offer its customers how much they can save on emissions and fuel by decreasing equipment idle time. There is so much idling happening that by having data from the MachineMax platform will enable sites to identify where and when it is happening and by taking action, idling will decrease. Customers that have actioned the insights from the platform have reduced idling from 3-10% which will reduce emissions and fuel costs.

Furthermore, a key reason behind the adoption of MachineMax is to alleviate theft of fuel which has been a major pain point for customers. With this valuable proposition from Shell Pakistan in collaboration with MachineMax devices, customers can gain access to a key feature: real-time tracking. The solution will also allow site officials to track machines whereabouts at all times.

Shell Pakistan quote:

“We have always been very eager to solve industry problem by providing quality lubricants, consultation and services. One of the key challenges our customers from mining and construction sector have faced over years is absence of valuable data for their earth moving equipment, this went on to impact over all project’s performance, timelines and budgets. By joining hands with MachineMax we believe this key CVP will enable our customers to track equipment performance and keep a check on fuel consumption as well.“

MachineMax Venture Lead, Martin Lloyd

“MachineMax helps Shell to further differentiate its offering from the competition. The service will enable our customers to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs via the identification of wasteful engine idling and fuel theft. Reducing fuel consumption also supports Shell's aim to drive a reduction of CO2 emissions in the Construction sector.”
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