September 21, 2022

Overlooked Roles in ConTech - Justyna

If you have ever seen a construction site at peak activity, then you will know that there are a lot of different people and skills required to complete most projects. However, many people involved in major construction projects will never set foot on the construction site itself, but still play a key role in the success, safety, and profitability of the projects.

Therefore, our goal is to raise awareness of the great employees at MachineMax who are critical to the industry and its progress, as well as the avenues available to become successful within it.

Our first feature is People Operations Manager Justyna Pinczuk. Justyna has a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Kingston University and over 10 years of working experience within her field. As a HR Generalist she has been responsible for all aspects of the employee lifecycle starting from recruitment & selection, compensation & benefits; learning & development, employee relations and engagement.

When asked about general responsibilities Justyna said:

“Where do I start …. Unlike developers who have great programming skills or salespeople who generate revenue with their great persuading skills, the role of HR may seem like a piece of cake. However, we know great companies aren’t made of buildings and other tangible property, great companies are made of great people and whether you get such people onboard and manage to keep and develop them depends primarily on HR. In a nutshell, my responsibilities include recruitment, performance management, learning & development, compensation & benefits, employee relations to list a few. I enjoy the variety of my responsibilities and I understand the impact I can have on the individual and the company."

When discussing how MachineMax is helping to progress your career, Justyna said:

“MachineMax has grown substantially since I joined 9 months ago it’s been great to embark on such a journey with a company that is forever growing and has the ability to seek change for the pursuit of helping construction and mining be more efficient and have a positive impact on our environment. We have had a number of great people join our team in the short time I have been at the company in UK, North America, and India, who share our values and aspiration. I’m extremely excited to play my part in a company that allows me to challenge myself to ensure we continue to thrive and support colleagues with what they need to achieve success."

Finally, this is an interesting and progressive industry to work within, this is supported by Justyna saying:

“Construction is one of the few industries that makes a vital difference in our daily lives by contributing to the economy and creating jobs as well as making a positive impact on the environment around us. From skyscrapers, hospitals, schools, and railways, construction shapes the society we live within. Knowing that MachineMax helps construction improve their efficiency by using our telematics solution makes the work rewarding and exciting.”

Justyna is critical in ensuring the seamless oporation internally within MachineMax and like many companies, People Operations Managers are integral for staff and company success.

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