December 12, 2022

Shweta Saxena - CEO of the Year by the CEO Review

Since its founding, MachineMax has been leading the way for its industry, defining a new era of heavy equipment management. Such innovations stem from the company’s CEO, Shweta Saxena, who CEO Monthly is proud to name CEO of the Year, 2022 - England, the United Kingdom. Join us as we learn more about MachineMax and its trailblazing CEO.

Innovation and MachineMax go hand in hand – they are, in essence, synonymous. The award-winning company is best known for its premium equipment management platform and universal telematics sensors for off-highway fleets that work with customers to measure key metrics. Designed to help clients become more efficient and productive, MachineMax’s solutions are revolutionary, helping professionals steer away from tracking equipment utilisation manually and introducing them to the digital sphere.

The product of a collaboration between Shell and BCG Digital Ventures, MachineMax was developed to revolutionise the heavy equipment industry, and in turn, it is supported by a team of engineers, scientists, designers, and industry professionals. Four years later and Shell has become the sole owner of MachineMax, with the latter company benefiting from Shell’s newly formed Sectors & Decarbonisation business, which is comprised of expert sectoral teams who offer MachineMax as an effective solution for mining, construction, manufacturing, and agriculture customers. As such, it is clear that the MachineMax approach has been designed with the client in mind.

In terms of technology, MachineMax is leading the way for its industry, transforming data from any source into a single platform view, providing customers with fast access to the right data for in the moment and strategic decisions. MachineMax offers third party integration, battery powered sensors, machine cloud-based algorithms, artificial intelligence, APIs, and multiple applications. The intuitive platform is connected to other ConTech specialists to cover maintenance, rental management, safety data, idling hotspots, billing optimisation and opportunities to include contextual data such as weather and bespoke mapping. Consequently, the MachineMax platform boasts tangible results, such as a 40% productivity improvement and approximately $15 thousand in savings per machine per year.

Behind these innovations is the company’s CEO, Shweta Saxena. Prior to working in product development, Shweta worked in sales, undertaking projects for the computer technology leaders, Dell. It was here that her product development journey began, as her boss – who saw something in her that she couldn’t see in herself – pushed her to fill the vacancy. In her leadership roles, Shweta endeavours to continue this train of thought, introducing ingenuity and creativity into otherwise highly academic roles. This, therefore, provides MachineMax with an edge over its competitors as it provides a fresh take on a stagnated industry.

Blending mathematics, product development, and entrepreneurialism together, Shweta delved into the MachineMax project, initially taking on the role of co-founder and CPO. After four years in this role, Shweta evolved into the CEO position, which served as a rather natural development. Bringing 18 years of digital innovation experience and a degree in Mathematics to the position, it is clear that Shweta was more than prepared for the enormous undertaking, with her previous projects involving the launch of startups and products for established brands, including Lego, Dell International, and BCG-DV.

Her past experience has helped to dictate and form MachineMax’s fundamental values, which are primarily focused on providing the best possible products and services to clients. In fact, one of its core values states that the company is ‘customer obsessed,’ noting that it strives to earn its customers trust through being dependable and reliable. As such, the company hires and develops the best possible candidates, encouraging them to learn and grow, thereby creating a culture for a high performing team. In addition, to further provide a better service, MachineMax focuses on outcomes – not input or output. The company strives to understand the root cause and it always makes data driven decisions.

Furthermore, sustainability has been a priority for the business from the moment of its genesis. MachineMax takes pride in its ability to aid clients along their green journeys, highlighting multiple case studies via its website. Most recently, MachineMax played an integral role in infrastructure specialist J. Murphy & Sons Ltd (Murphy) digital transformation journey, which aims to slash carbon emissions by 50% over the next five years. MachineMax’s contributions to this project have so far helped Murphy to reduce emissions by 10% along HS2 Euston.

This is perhaps why MachineMax has reached such high levels of prestige in such a short time. The company has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognition, including being accepted into the third cohort of HS2’s Innovation Accelerator. In 2019 alone, MachineMax was recognised on at least nine occasions, being awarded the Smart Use of Machinery Award at NCE Techfest 2019, Top Pick for Mobility & Transportation at TechCrunch 2019, and was named in Contech’s Top 50 list for Most Promising Startups.

Adding CEO of the Year, 2022 – England to its collection truly highlights the company’s success, and of course, the importance of having a devoted and professional CEO. Both Shweta and MachineMax are destined for even greater success going forward, with the next few years including multiple exciting projects and growth on an international scale for the business.

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