August 21, 2023

Forging connections: The role of standardised machine data

In todays interconnected world machine data is being generated in vast quantities across the construction supply chain. However due to unstandardized data practices the industry suffers from fragmented underutilised data sets!
The challenge of fragmented, non-standardised machine data:
  • Limited visibility: non standardised machine data is harder to compare hence leading to a less holistic view of your fleets operations making it harder to identify operational bottlenecks and improve your fleets efficiency.
  • Inefficient operations: Fragmented data systems impede the seamless exchange of information between different departments, resulting in inefficient workflows, delayed responses, and increased operational costs.
  • Data redundancy: In the absence of comprehensive machine data standards, organisations duplicate efforts to collect, validate, and analyse data, wasting valuable time.
The power of standardised machine data to enhance decision making:
  • Enhanced data visibility: Provides decision makers with consistent and comprehensive machine data.
  • Seamless integration: Seamless exchange of data between stakeholders.
  • Scalability: Helps with new technology integration into systems fostering innovations.
What machine data standards need to be set:
  • Defining common data elements: What data do your stakeholders need?
  • Establishing data governance: Establishing a governing body for compliance.
  • Promoting industry-wide adoption: Promote practices through education and awareness.

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