August 4, 2022

World-Leading CAT Dealer Zeppelin Joins Forces with MachineMax

MachineMax is delighted to announce the agreed partnership with Zeppelin, Europe's leading sales and service organisation for construction machinery.

As one of the largest CAT dealers in the world, Zeppelin was looking for a partner with the capability and expertise to co-create a solution for their customers that would be reliable, simple and enhance their ability to offer best-in-class digital services. It was important to both parties that there was a good working partnership so that both businesses could leverage their respective expertise and develop an innovative solution that was easy to manage for end-users.

Zeppelin are utilising the MachineMax hardware technology to extend their existing connectivity product range for retrofitting third party construction equipment and integrating that data to their fleet management platform CAT VisionLink. MachineMax’s technology enables Zeppelin’s customers to install hardware on equipment and work tools easily to gather machine data without CANBUS installation. Powered through AI technology that processes vibrations and acoustic data, Zeppelin is now able to provide their customers a solution which drives sustainability, efficiency, and productivity for their full fleet.

Shweta Saxena, MachineMax CEO said:
“Industry mindset regarding customer value has shifted from reactive, to proactive. Every company is on a digital journey to add value to its customers. This means thinking carefully about the digital infrastructure that connects everything, helping our customers find new ways to innovate, improve and take decisions.
This partnership is a massive opportunity for MachineMax and Zeppelin to reinvent the way we think about the dealer ecosystem. There could not be a more exciting time for both companies to come together and help end customers find success in this new digital-first world”

For MachineMax this partnership is of great importance as opportunities to work collectively increases, this enables the business to reshape the way in which machine data is used to make decisions on site. Delivering our ambition to showcase what can be done and set an example of how Contech can be used to improve productivity and sustainability.

Frederik Terschluse, Head of Connectivity & Fleet Management at Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH said:
“To enhance our digital product portfolio for full fleet solutions, we have been looking for a partner that shares our vision for digital solutions in the construction industry as well as our mindset to develop customer-driven solutions. With MachineMax we have now found a technology partner that helps us to extend our existing product range to connect cross-OEM equipment and provide data insights for our customers to increase productivity and efficiency.
During our collaboration we have been impressed how MachineMax solved typical problems of our industry through smart and efficient products with a high ease-of-use and innovative technologies. Jointly we are determined to provide better products and processes to help our customers raise the potential of machine data.”

Collaboration, flexibility, and innovation are key to this partnership, but simplicity is the guiding principle. Both parties have big visions and understand how looking at existing data in a different way can deliver many more benefits for customers.

Kate Stephen, Head of Product & Design at MachineMax said:
“At MachineMax, we like to think of our customers as partners. We value their insights and their needs and continue to work together to define the future of data and intelligence within the industry.
Working with Zeppelin and being privy to their great expertise, gives us at MachineMax the opportunity to boost our offering for both dealers and their customers. We’ll focus on building out networks of knowledge between the many owners of Zeppelin equipment across Europe. We’ll use data to help Zeppelin optimise their after-sales services, whilst enabling new efficiencies, reducing downtime and reducing the impact on the environment for Zeppelin’s customers.”
About Zeppelin Baumaschinen

Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH is Europe's leading sales and service organisation for construction machinery and has been a sales and service partner in Germany for Caterpillar Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of construction machinery, since 1954. With 1,737 employees and a turnover of around 1.09 billion euros in 2020, Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH is the largest company in the Zeppelin Group. In addition to the sale of new and used Caterpillar construction machinery, the product portfolio includes service, which is provided nationwide in 35 branches, advice and financing for the equipment. The headquarters and the legal seat of Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH are located in Garching near Munich.

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