February 27, 2024

Fleet management software in construction: How MachineMax streamlined IAV’s fleet operations

What is fleet management software?

Fleet management software is essential for optimising your fleet's performance, offering critical insights into productivity, safety and sustainability. It uses telematics to provide real-time GPS tracking, efficient routing and vehicle performance analytics, ensuring operations are streamlined and effective.

How is fleet management software used in construction?

Fleet management software emerges as a pivotal tool in unveiling the inefficiencies within a fleet's operations, offering a clear, user-friendly interface that transforms complex data into actionable insights. For instance, employing an idling heat map tool could reveal zones of unusually high idling rates. This data prompts a fleet manager to delve into the underlying causes, such as excessive vehicle congestion due to limited loading capacity or road design issues like narrow passages. Identifiable scenarios may include an overabundance of trucks awaiting their turn to load, necessitating the reallocation of underused machinery to maintain efficiency. Thus, fleet management software equips operators with the insights needed to identify and address inefficiencies, leveraging their expertise to optimise fleet performance and reduce unnecessary idling.

Who are IAV?

IAV is a leading Icelandic prime contractor, playing a crucial role in the country's construction industry. Specialising in infrastructure, highways, commercial housing and public building projects, IAV's work demands efficiency and precision. In a sector where profitability margins are often below 5%, the ability to streamline fleet operations, boost productivity and cut costs is critical. This necessity drives IAV, along with other top construction firms, to adopt comprehensive fleet management solutions like MachineMax.

Challenges faced by IAV:

Before partnering with MachineMax, IAV grappled with a common industry challenge: Managing a diverse fleet composed of machinery from various manufacturers. This diversity led to fragmented and non-standardised data, complicating efforts to make informed, data-driven decisions. The introduction of MachineMax's software transformed IAV's approach by consolidating data into a single, efficiently designed platform, enabling actionable insights and significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

Streamlining IAV’s fleet operations with MachineMax - Minimising fuel costs through idling management:

MachineMax's platform delivered detailed insights into fleet idling times, identifying operational bottlenecks. For IAV, accessing idle data for each connected machine meant they could implement specific measures, like terrain adjustments and promoting reduced idling practices. These efforts led to a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.

Optimising resale value:

Reducing idling times not only diminishes fuel consumption and emissions but also contributes to preserving the machinery's value. Lower total operating hours mean less frequent maintenance needs and sustained machine value. Heiðar Jón Heiðarsson, IAV's fleet manager, emphasised the financial implications of idling, noting its impact on fuel costs, maintenance frequency and ultimately, resale value. By implementing MachineMax's solution, IAV saw a reduction in machine operating hours, which helped maintain higher resale values, translating into substantial cost savings over time.

Enhancing efficiency with real-time GPS tracking:

The ability to track machinery in real-time revolutionises fleet management by offering precise location data, activity insights and historical routing information. This feature facilitated more efficient routing for IAV, improved incident management and optimised machinery utilisation. Notably, IAV leveraged GPS tracking to streamline nighttime truck movements, saving considerable time and effort for the company.


The integration of MachineMax has been a game-changer for IAV, addressing their initial challenges head-on and ushering in a new era of operational efficiency. The benefits extend beyond mere cost savings, impacting environmental sustainability, asset management and operational efficiency. It's clear that IAV's experience can serve as a beacon for the construction industry, demonstrating the transformative potential of embracing innovative fleet management technologies.

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