October 12, 2023

MachineMax & SensingFeeling: Elevating job site intelligence

Two leading innovators who were part of the prestigious HS2 Accelerator Programme, MachineMax and SensingFeeling, are thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership, to deliver an unparalleled visual solution for site management. This collaboration integrates cutting-edge AI lead, hardware-agnostic technology from SensingFeeling with expertise in data integration, analytics and site monitoring from MachineMax.

SensingFeeling provides visual analytics, their Visual Processing Engine (VPE) is deployed as an ‘edge processor’ in location, taking image feeds from existing camera systems which are processed simultaneously and in real time. No images or video are recorded or transmitted anywhere but selected algorithms are applied to identify activity or behaviour that needs highlighting. 

For example, if a high-risk behavioural incident is sensed, or certain metrics (e.g. people density) exceeds, or drops below, a preset threshold, then SensingFeeling can generate a trigger to automatically switch feeds on display monitors in your control room, or to send messages, sound alarms or warning lights that signal to human operators that a risk condition has occurred.

Jag Minhas, CEO and Founder of SensingFeeling said: "We are pleased to partner with MachineMax to revolutionise site management. Our solution can be applied to many use cases on complex construction and infrastructure projects, from worker density to PPE compliance, and trespass, or more complex machine tie-down assessments, there are many opportunities. Our ambition is to ensure detection of risks and alerts through existing camera systems, and working with MachineMax ensures this data can be available in a widely used platform or as part of a data feed. A flexible approach to surfacing data is increasingly important for customers who are managing multiple technologies or software solutions."

MachineMax and SensingFeeling share a common goal to support decision making and improvements using data. Through the integration of physical asset location and utilisation data with contextualised visual imagery and expert interpretation, they aim to provide a holistic operational view. 

"We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between our AI-driven organisations,"

stated Amy Law, Head of Marketing and Sales at MachineMax.

"As we broaden the range of information available to MachineMax users it is necessary to identify innovative technology providers who align with our ambition to create an open, flexible data environment and whose technology, like ours, is easily deployed and constantly learning and improving. The use of visual technologies is increasing across the sectors that we work in and our teams cannot wait to work with customers and the team at SensingFeeling to create new algorithms to solve the everyday challenges they face.”

To play a role in shaping the future of visual data, we invite companies to join our partnership and reap the rewards for enhanced productivity, safety and efficiency, setting a new sector benchmark. MachineMax and SensingFeeling are committed to pioneering data-driven site management, so please get in touch to see how this partnership can benefit your business.

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