November 24, 2023

Connection beyond machines: Grafa og Grjót streamlines with MachineMax

This case study highlights a new use case for MachineMax’s solutions for attachments helping Grafa to further streamline and optimise their fleet operations.

Based in Reykjavík, Grafa specialises primarily in excavation and earthworks, providing comprehensive services for both large-scale and smaller projects in this field. They also provide various related services catering to the needs of clients in the construction and landscaping sectors.


Grafa where facing many positional challenges due to not having GPS data which meant that it was hard to locate attachments and for the oil truck to find machines to refuel.


Site Manager Johan Henrik emphasises the software's impact, streamlining tasks such as finding attachments and refuelling, leading to increased efficiency. Using GPS telematics on not only their fleet but also their attachments has led to Grafa being able to save their operators time hence streamlining their operations further.

See the impact of this new use case in the case study below:

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