November 15, 2023

MachineMax becomes the first company to be awarded ‘Gold Enabler’ status by the Supply Chain Sustainability School

MachineMax granted Gold Status by the Supply Chain Sustainability School

The esteemed ‘Enabler’ title is a variation on the standard ‘Plant Charter’, as it does not assess information on minimum standards but looks at tangible efforts to support the industry. As the first organisation to receive the status, it marks a significant milestone for MachineMax in its commitment to supporting the construction industry's efforts to decrease emissions.

MachineMax attained the green accolade by fulfilling three distinct commitments: Engagement, Awareness, and Education and Innovation. The School evaluated evidence provided by the team, assigning points for each category, which equated to a near perfect score and a gold status.

The MachineMax team illustrated compliance with the rigorous criteria over an eight-week application process, presenting a mix of industry data, activities, and forthcoming plans aimed at reducing emissions. Evidence included reports, case studies, and whitepapers covering diverse topics such as emissions in construction and data standardisation. Notably, the submission incorporated an impressive project with the SMP Alliance on the M6 J21a to J26 project, in which the collaboration resulted in a substantial reduction of idling emissions from 56% to 19% through behavioural change training.

Examples of a long-term strategy to reduce emissions included a newly established data standards forum for industry professionals aimed at championing change, sharing insights, and refining metrics for enhanced efficiency.

Commenting on the achievement, Amy Law, Head of Marketing & Sales at MachineMax, said:

“This achievement reinforces our drive to support the construction industry’s urgent pursuit to reduce costs and hit net-zero goals. Our mission to continuously seek ways to improve efficiency and productivity within the sector is one of the main reasons behind wanting to join the School. We hope this recognition inspires other organisations to develop the collaborative approach required for green change and strive towards creating a more sustainable built environment.”

Samuel Walker, Consultant Researcher at Action Sustainability, adds,

“MachineMax is the first organisation to receive the Enabler Signatory status, with its application demonstrating a clear commitment to supporting the industry to reduce emissions, as reflected in the high score given."
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