July 29, 2021

Harsco Environmental implements MachineMax technology in the pursuit of sustainability

Committed to accelerating decarbonisation and sustainability, Harsco Environmental has implemented the MachineMax platform to digitalise its on-site fleet, providing a single equipment management platform, helping to track and manage CO2 emissions and improve efficiency. 

In rolling out this platform across more than 30 countries around the world, it is expected that the MachineMax solution will provide Harsco Environmental with new tools to help it meet its ambitious objective of decreasing the energy and carbon intensity of its operations by 15% by 2025.

Using machine data by leveraging IOT and AI technologies, the MachineMax solution can alert HarscoEnvironmental to operational inefficiencies such as excessive idling, site bottlenecks, low utilisation etc. and therefore help to optimise processes and reduce waste. 

With MachineMax automating Harsco Environmental’s equipment data management, tackling operational inefficiencies, such as the industry-wide challenge of idling, this will help projects greatly reduce their carbon footprint. 

It is expected that utilising the MachineMax solution in a global roll out will usher in a new era in HarscoEnvironmental’s push to merge maximum efficiency with maximum sustainability. 

Statement from Shweta Saxena, CEO of MachineMax:

"Using digital tools to push the decarbonisation agenda is the way forward, and I am so excited to be working with HarscoEnvironmental to help them on their journey. Together with our cutting-edge technology and their expertise I know that we will reinvent the way that machine data is being used to reduce CO2 emissions."

Statement from JenniferThomson, Strategy Manager of MachineMax: Troy and the team at HarscoEnvironmental are great visionaries, committed to charting a new course for asset management. I am looking forward to learning from them and delivering a best-in-class solution.

Statement from TroyMorris, Global Asset Director at Harsco Environmental: We look forward to deploying MachineMax technology to further enhance our strategic vision to help our customers develop sustainable environmental solutions and to ensure we apply these same concepts across a vast variety of assets. We will use the data and insights MachineMax can provide to reduce our carbon emissions and operate our assets in a more sustainable way.

Statement from Cope Willis, Vice President ofSustainability and Environmental Solutions at Harsco Corporation: In 2019, we set a corporate-wide goal to reduce the energy and carbon intensity of our operations 15-percent by 2025.The MachineMax platform will provide us another tool to help accelerate our progress in achieving these goals in Harsco Environmental.

About Harsco Corporation

HarscoCorporation (NYSE: HSC) is a global market leader providing environmental solutions for industrial and specialty waste streams, and innovative technologies for the rail sector. Based in Camp Hill, PA, the 12,000-employee company operates in more than 30 countries. Harsco’s common stock is a component of the S&P SmallCap 600 Index and the Russell 2000 Index.Additional information can be found at www.harsco.com.

About MachineMax

MachineMax provides an equipment management platform for heavy equipment users and owners to maximise the productivity and profitability of every machine in the greenest way possible… any make, any model, anywhere!

MachineMax, owned by Royal Dutch Shell, started its journey looking to revolutionise the heavy equipment industry. After extensive research, the complexities of tracking mixed fleets, with varying levels of machine connectivity became apparent and so MachineMax developed a product which solves these challenges head on. That was the start of our journey and since then we have deployed across the globe with exceptional results and picked up several industry and technology accolades along the way.

The MachineMax full-stack offering includes a cloud-based aggregation layer which normalises and aggregates incoming equipment data, irrespective of the telematics provider. If an equipment is not connected, we can provide our revolutionary self-powered, wireless sensor. Cloud computing is then used to deliver real-time data and analysis, displayed in an intuitive platform which is accessible to all stakeholders, allowing users to optimise their fleet operations in real time.

Our mission is to track all equipment, allowing our customers to manage their entire fleet from one place, providing visibility and allowing them to make decisions which result in improved revenue and capital discipline, decreased operating costs and a better carbon footprint. 

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