January 5, 2024

Unveiling MachineMax's comprehensive data solution with IAV


IAV are Iceland’s prime contractor and play an essential role in many of the country’s key projects in the infrastructure, mining and highways industries.


IAV’s fleet was struggling with high idling rates, which they attempted to gain a more detailed understanding of by using OEM software. However, this proved ineffective due to having machines from various manufacturers, leading to the data being fragmented and unstandardized.


IAV found the perfect solution in MachineMax, a comprehensive software integrating OEM data across their 60-machine mixed fleet. This streamlined approach allows for efficient idle time management and provides a strategic overview of their operations. MachineMax offers unforeseen benefits such as real-time location tracking, saving time and effort for monitoring truck movements as well as reporting, automating CO2 reports.

As IAV progresses in their partnership with MachineMax, the company anticipates increased profitability, higher utilisation rates, and seamless integration of sites.

The case study below highlights the significant productivity gains achievable through MachineMax's innovative data solution:

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