September 26, 2023

MachineMax boosts efficiency, reducing M6 project idling by 37% for SMP Alliance

The M6 Smart Motorway project (Junction 21a to 26), led by the SMP Alliance, partners with MachineMax to enhance traffic flow, safety, and reduce fuel wastage through real-time machine data solutions.

The M6 Junction 21a to 26 SMP Alliance project aims to enhance traffic flow and safety on a crucial stretch of road. Under the contract, the SMP Alliance is tasked with designing and delivering the smart motorway scheme, covering a 16km stretch of the M6. This initiative aims to augment capacity and enhance journey reliability for this vital highway.

  • High machine idling times.
  • Fuel wastage.
  • High rates of carbon emissions.

MachineMax managed to help the SMP Alliance to decrease their fuel usage by 3,500 litres per month, preventing the release of 9,236 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere. These results were achieved using just around 20 MachineMax sensors, highlighting the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our solution.

See the full details of the project in the case study below:

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