February 23, 2022

MachineMax is key to the maintenance of your fleet

The key to maintaining your business's construction fleet, whether you have five or 500 machines, is a preventative maintenance strategy. When a machine breaks down in a deadline-driven environment, the entire day can be disrupted, resulting in underutilisation and thus decreased productivity.

Maintaining your off-highway fleet properly can extend their useful lives, prevent costly repairs, and reduce downtime. Especially for larger fleets, manual systems can be tedious and time-consuming to manage.

Industry benchmarks indicate that idling makes up around 30-40% of operating time, but the data across our customer base shows that it can be even higher. Idling is problematic because for every hour a machine idles, it wastes an hour of warranty, burns around 4 litres of fuel, moves closer to the next maintenance occurrence, and loses an hour of output.

Therefore, MachineMax created an award winning equipment management platform and universal telematics sensors for off-highway fleet. Through the platform customers are able to see real-time utilisation data which can be integrated into a CMMS. Having real time utilisation ensures maintenance is done on schedule, eliminating unnecessary maintenance interventions. Some of our customers even take the amount of idling into consideration when doing preventative maintenance. MachineMax have successfully implemented this strategy with valued partner Fixx.

Our customers, across all industries, have used these metrics to identify patterns in operational inefficiencies including: excessive machines and excessive travelling resulting in more maintenance, incorrect equipment used for the job resulting in lower productivity, ineffective site layout resulting in idling and excessive travelling, suboptimal operator behaviour resulting in dangerous and inefficient utilisation.

To optimise your maintenance strategy, contact MachineMax for a trial today.

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