March 17, 2023

Empowering Cemex to deliver their sustainability and efficiency goals

Empowering Cemex's sustainable equipment management efforts with £20,000 saved on fuel usage and maintenance costs for a single machine.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, global cement manufacturer Cemex has launched its "Future in Action" initiative, which aims to reduce their emissions to become net zero by 2050 and reduce fuel usage by 40% in 2030. In the UK, Cemex operates 500 pieces of mobile equipment, with three-quarters of its carbon footprint coming from diesel usage in mobile plant. However, different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) provide different data and algorithms for calculating idling, making it difficult to compare performance.

This is where MachineMax comes in - a platform that helps Cemex achieve its sustainability goals and improve operational efficiency by integrating a mixed fleet of OEMs without requiring API feeds. By using data from MachineMax, Cemex has been able to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to reduce idling, resulting in significant savings in fuel costs and emissions reduction, as well as improved safety and vehicle availability.

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