July 14, 2023

MachineMax Productivity: Data that connects operations and equipment

Providing actionable insight, let the new MachineMax Productivity module digitalise your decisions when it comes to fleet mix, site layout and much more. Providing real-time analysis of congestion and haul cycles, users can now access data on key productivity metrics including cycle time and average payload to get absolute visibility of opportunities to increase efficiency. Intuitively designed, using our unique intelligence and analysis tools, users can make data-driven decisions that will continuously improve operations in our award-winning platform.

Moreover, this invaluable data goes beyond productivity enhancement. It also serves as a powerful tool to identify risks in areas with high machine density and speeding incidents, increasing site safety. Site managers and operators can receive real-time alerts, enabling prompt action to mitigate potential hazards.

Learn how this cutting-edge solution can enhance efficiency, improve safety, and propel your operations to new heights.

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