July 14, 2023

MachineMax Productivity: Data that connects operations and equipment

Let MachineMax’s new productivity module enhance your construction productivity by providing you with key metrics including cycle times and average payload to improve site visibility and operators’ decision making.
New features for fleet management in our software:
  • Real time congestion and queuing: Redirect machines for more efficient routing.
  • Haul cycle analysis: Real time loading queuing and travel time machine data and identity suboptimal routes.
  • Event playback: Minute by minute location and activity timeline.
  • Haul road speed analysis: Gain real time speed alerts for proactive site management.
  • Machine comparison: Compare machine data to help identify which machine could be better utilised and necessary operator training.

If you want to gain a comprehensive understanding of what our new productivity module can offer your business download the case study below:

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