April 27, 2022

Making a real impact with MachineMax and Plantforce

MachineMax in collaboration with Plantforce continue to offer and develop their technology offering to ensure sites run as efficiently as possible whilst reducing carbon emissions.
  • MachineMax and Plantforce have built a strong relationship in the past year to meet the ever-growing market need to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Both companies have an aligned vision for the future of construction in the form of new digital services, heightened supply chain transparency and improved automation.
  • Traditional hire fleets are made up of mixed manufacturer OEM's due to the need to provide customers with flexible options however due the industry having unstandardised data practices, this leads to fragmented data sets that are very hard to analyse and extract actionable insights from.
  • The upcoming fuel levy will have serious cost implications for the construction sector due to fuel costs going from 11.14 p to 57.95 p overnight.

Using MachineMax’s telematics and fleet management software, Plantforce can provide customers with all the data necessary to fully optimise their fleets operations.

Dive into the full case study below:

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