August 3, 2023

Uncovering sustainability gaps: Insights from the MachineMax survey

The construction industry is responsible for approximately 39% of energy-related CO2 emissions worldwide. Nearly 40% of construction professionals are not clear on the carbon impact of their off-highway fleet!

MachineMax, The Supply Chain Sustainability School and Flannery Plant Hire recently conducted a survey to gauge perceptions of sustainability in the construction sector, specifically focusing on site emissions and the industry's understanding of its role in achieving net zero. The individuals who participated in this survey were either operators, fleet managers or sustainability managers based in the UK.


By addressing gaps in knowledge, promoting ECO-operator training, and offering data-driven solutions, all three organisations aim to empower the industry to make informed decisions and contribute to a greener, more sustainable construction sector.

Next steps:

This report delves into the sectors next steps to a more sustainable future. With a focus on data driven methods to aid in helping organisations to be kept accountable and providing them with actionable solutions.

Delve into the full report below:

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