October 18, 2023

John F Hunt partners with MachineMax for advanced equipment management

John F Hunt, a prominent figure in the construction and infrastructure sector, has strategically partnered with MachineMax, a leading provider of data solutions. This collaboration signifies a practical step toward streamlining their fleet management practices, enabling them to harness the benefits of enhanced connectivity.

Established in 1982, John F Hunt has earned a strong reputation in demolition, regeneration construction, civil engineering, and environmental services. Their core values of safety, sustainability, and quality have solidified their position as a trusted partner across various industries.

MachineMax empowers businesses to make proactive decisions for a more sustainable future, and offers complete visibility and analytics from multiple data sources. This insightful approach removes data silos, standardises information, and provides valuable intelligence to streamline everyday activities.

At MachineMax, their ecosystem of insight providers is easily accessible through an intuitively designed platform. This partnership with John F Hunt aims to connect their fleet seamlessly and leverage data-driven insights to enhance efficiency and operational excellence.

David White, MachineMax's Construction Specialist, expressed,

"We are pleased to partner with a prestigious contractor like John F Hunt. We believe our offering will deliver significant benefits, including increased visibility, improved sustainability, and productivity. Our fully integrated solution promises comprehensive visibility for the entire team."

John Yeldham, Operations Director at John F Hunt added,

"This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to efficiency and sustainability. MachineMax's data solutions will help us connect our fleet, fostering better decision-making and optimising our operations."

This partnership represents a practical step forward in fleet management, emphasising the tangible advantages of improved connectivity.

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