February 10, 2022

The impact of telematics in the cement industry

The cement industry, traditionally considered a late adopter of digital technologies, is now recognising the compelling benefits of digital transformation, including revenue and margin improvements.

MachineMax worked with a major Indian multinational cement manufacturer based in Mumbai, boasting one of the world's largest capacities. With 23 integrated plants across India, UAE, Bahrain, and Sri Lanka, their operations cover grey cement, ready mix concrete (RMC), and white cement.

Our approach focuses on gradual, step-by-step digital transformation for organisations contemplating the shift. For our client, we implemented MachineMax's wireless sensors for equipment monitoring & predictive maintenance. This enables operators to instantly identify and address machinery issues, significantly reducing inspection and ordering time, ultimately saving costs and time.

In the complex cement production process, our advanced predictive systems assist in predictive quality and process control. By utilising smart sensor systems to gather accurate data on parameters like mill speed, temperature, and grinding duration, cement companies can optimise production operations.

Connected logistics is addressed through our vehicle telematics sensors/solutions, offering comprehensive insights into each product unit's transportation conditions. This includes monitoring vehicle locations, payload details, and crew vitals for effective supply chain control.

In essence, MachineMax's full-fledged data solutions cover all aspects of an organisation, providing a transformative digital journey for the cement industry's enhanced operational efficiency.

See how in the case study below:

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