January 30, 2020

MachineMax Promise: Small Change Big Impact

Offsetting carbon footprint in the construction and mining industries is an ongoing challenge. However, we believe that as a collective, we can come together in reducing carbon emissions.

We at MachineMax are working to create a climate positive workforce using our technology and business solutions for off-highway fleets.

Our equipment management platform allows site managers to make a conscious decision to reduce emissions, with a 1-minute set up and no disruption to productivity you can begin reducing your emissions immediately by understanding where idling can be cut across your fleet. But we aren’t stopping there.

Small Change, Big Impact

We are hoping our small change can make a big impact, at MachineMax we’re committed to developing solutions that support the reduction of emissions and promise to make a change in contributing to offsetting our global carbon footprint.

That’s why we have partnered with Offset Earth. Offset Earth is an initiative that makes minimising climate impact possible for businesses across many industries.

Not only are we a part of the Offset Earth’s Climate Positive Workforce movement but throughout 2020 we promise that for every 1 machine we track, we will plant 1 tree. Even a small site can make a difference.

Our industry moves at a rapid pace, and despite best efforts, there is always more that can be done at a granular level to reduce carbon emissions. Our promise is all about generating a positive leading change within the environment, for climate sustainability.
MachineMax recognises that our work in a high-emissions industry is essential for development. However, we as a whole still have a responsibility towards protecting the planet we live on.

Helping you to reduce your workforce emissions

CEOs and project managers of construction, mining and aggregate sites are under pressure when it comes to lowering emissions. It’s a challenge to demonstrate exactly how as an organisation you are committing to lowering emissions.
With minimal impact or disruption to your workforce, we enable your machines to work smarter and to give back.

MachineMax sensors are the easiest way to cut your idling emissions, let us help and assist you in profitability and in the reduction of carbon emissions.

To reap the benefits of a greener initiative, contact us.

Alternatively, use our online calculator to see how much you can save on your off-highway fleet running costs.

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