November 13, 2023

Chilling success: ISTAK's productivity soars with MachineMax

ISTAK’s sees increased fleet productivity due to data driven insights.

Being a leader in the Icelandic construction industry for more than half a century, it is paramount that ISTAK's operations are streamlined, productive and sustainable. This led to the decision to partner with MachineMax in April 2023 which has provided them access to actionable data for over 300 machines to aid them in making more informed decisions.

ISTAK’s has been focusing on enhancing Iceland’s infrastructure with their current undertaking to construct 19km of highway whilst reducing the ring roads route by 11 km which will significantly reduce commute times, congestion and fuel usage for commuters and travellers.

Data-driven decision making has streamlined this project in multiple ways:

1. Increased haul cycles per day:

Using the haul cycle analysis feature found in MachineMax's productivity module, ISTAK can identify and eliminate suboptimal routes allowing them to improve workflow. This has allowed ISTAK to increase their amount of haul cycles from 15 all the way to 18 loads per day!

2. Reduce idling:

Using the heat maps from the real time congestion and queuing tool ISTAK can identify areas of congestion that cause unnecessary idling and redirect machines to take less congested routes – Using this tool it has led to ISTAK reducing their idling by 5% in just 2 months and this will likely increase.

3. Increase machine utilisation:

Ensuring that machines are being used is very important and by seeing this data, ISTAK can aim to increase machine utilisation by reallocating less used machines to different sites or getting rid of that high fixed cost altogether. ISTAK has managed to increase utilisation by 5% over the 2 months by using these methods.

Interested in learning more? Dive into our full case study on ISTAK’s MachineMax journey below!

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