January 27, 2023

MachineMax Streamlines Shell Sarnia Refinery

The Shell Sarnia Manufacturing Centre in Ontario, Canada, faced the challenge of a lack of visibility into the utilization and impact of its over 100 pieces of machinery on its 540-acre site. With no data on machine usage, idling, CO2 impact or hours worked, it was difficult to streamline operations and identify opportunities for improvement. To tackle these challenges, Shell Sarnia trialed the MachineMax system which provides real-time tracking and analytics for heavy machinery. After expanding the system across the entire site, the team was able to identify several inefficiencies, such as low utilization of some machines, and took measures to remove unutilized vehicles and reassign others to reduce costs.

By analyzing data from the system, the team at Shell Sarnia were able to identify inefficiencies and make changes to improve efficiency and subsequently the MachineMax system has already paid for itself with the facility now being well positioned for continued success.

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