February 21, 2023

Decarbonising construction - Providing data to reduce mobile equipment CO2 emissions

The construction industry contributes to 25% - 40% of the worlds carbon emissions. This needs to be reduced if we have any hope of a greener future and hence decarbonising construction should be made a priority.

MachineMax provides a data-driven solution to support the decarbonisation of mobile equipment. By collecting and providing data with context, businesses can make informed decisions that improve productivity, reduce costs and support sustainability. With the potential to reduce unproductive idling, optimise fleet mix, and introduce more sustainable solutions, MachineMax is helping to drive the transition to a more sustainable future for several customers as can be seen in the document below.


Hear from satisfied customers such as Cemex, Imerys and Murphy Plant who have reported significant cost and carbon savings by implementing actionable insights from the MachineMax platform, demonstrating that data is driving the transition to a more sustainable future.

“For one single machine we were able to save over £20,000 on fuel usage and maintenance and we were only aware of this through analysing the data from MachineMax” - Cemex
"On HS2 Euston we were able to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% throughMachineMax, which is great in utilities because it’s really hard to turn that engine off" - Murphy
“We’ve been able to reduce our fuel usage by 25% and our idling by 3-10% just from implementing changes based on the data we receive from MachineMax” - Imerys

Discover how MachineMax is key to supporting the decarbonisation of mobile equipment in the case study below:

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