January 19, 2023

Thank you AED Summit 2023

MachineMax recently attended the Associated Equipment Dealer Association (AED) conference in Chicago and it was a great success. The conference brought together equipment dealers, manufacturers, and service providers from across the North American market, providing an opportunity for networking, learning, and discussing the latest trends and developments in the industry.

One of the highlights of the conference for MachineMax was the opportunity to speak with dealers and suppliers and learn more about the challenges they are facing in the North American market. We understand that the industry is constantly changing and evolving, and our platform is designed to help bridge the gap between those challenges. Our advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities provide real-time data and insights into the performance of each piece of equipment, allowing companies to make informed decisions about maintenance, productivity, utilization, fuel usage and carbon emissions.

It was also a great opportunity for our USA team to meet for their annual meeting and discuss our plans for the year ahead. We are committed to continuously improving our platform and providing the best service possible to our customers.

Overall, the AED conference was key for MachineMax. We would like to thank the organizers for putting on such a great event and we look forward to attending next year's conference. We are excited to continue working with the equipment dealers and suppliers in the North American market and to help them improve the performance and utilization of their fleet.

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