April 12, 2022

MachineMax Partners With Gripmaster

Gripmaster established in 2005 and has since earned its place as one of the biggest names in OTR across the planet. Originating in Brazil, Gripmaster are now present in more than 10 countries around the world ensuring there are no borders between their operations, products and solutions.

Accumulating great experience in the off-road and industrial tire market and since becoming a traditional brand for customers all over the world, Gripmaster have been investing in digital solutions to better the operations of their customers.

Gripmaster identified the need for their off-highway customers particularly in the construction and mining sectors to have a consolidated view of their fleet, as without it equipment often operates sub-optimally, resulting in unnecessary costs, project delays, and a detrimental impact on the environment.

This is where MachineMax and Gripmaster have joined forces offering customers an award winning equipment management platform and universal telematics sensors for off-highway fleet, that measure key metrics. The metrics providing the biggest initial impact include: utilisation, idling time, fuel consumption, location, and operating hours.

Together with Gripmaster their customers will be able to use these metrics to identify patterns in operational inefficiencies including: too many equipment onsite resulting in under-utilisation, incorrect equipment used for the job resulting in lower productivity, ineffective site layout resulting in idling and excessive travelling, suboptimal operator behaviour resulting in dangerous, and inefficient utilisation.

Felipe Moblize, Gripmaster CEO said

“We are a brand very focused on sustainable innovations and technology for the off-road market. The partnership with MachineMax allows us to not only expand our portfolio of solutions, but also to be the only brand that offers this technology in Brazil, a potential country for the OTR market.
In addition to the credibility that MachineMax reflects through its cases of global successes, there are many benefits connected to the solution, which are directly linked to Gripmaster's business purpose, for example, to guarantee more performance with economy for our customers' fleet through a simpler and more agile management platform, to the possibility of monitoring the fleet's carbon, which results in a cleaner operations.”

MachineMax has built a great relationship with Gripmaster over the past year and we are excited to share the same vision by offering innovative technology to increase productivity and reduce the impact the industry has on the planet.

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