September 10, 2021

UK contech startups reinventing construction with productivity revolution

A few years back, the construction industry was one of the most lacking sectors in terms of innovation and adoption of technology. With time, entrepreneurs across the globe are increasingly eyeing the construction industry as a market of opportunity. It is estimated that the construction tech market is worth €2 trillion now.

Understanding the impact of digital transformation in the industry, numerous companies have mushroomed across categories such as security and sustainability, supply chain management, the productivity of construction projects, and new materials and construction methods. Consequently, here is a list of UK contech startups that deserve your attention in 2021.

Image credits: MachineMax

Founder/s: Shweta Saxena, Amit Rai

A sustainable and innovative materials and construction methods company, MachineMax is a heavy equipment platform that helps off-highway companies to maximise the productivity and profitability of every machine in their fleet.

The London construction tech company was acquired by Shell in June this year, thereby becoming its sole owner. MachineMax will continue to operate as a standalone organisation and will get benefits from being within Shell’s newly formed Sectors & Decarbonisation business.

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