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Equipment is where it all started for us, which makes us uniquely placed to capture data on all machine types and understand how and where they are being used. Visibility of equipment is the first step for many customers, our tools and insight will enable you to leverage your assets and optimise operations on your job site.


Providing comprehensive visibility of machines, generators, and small tools, whether they're owned, rented, or subcontracted. Our intuitive platform seamlessly integrates data from diverse sources, including OEM systems, APIs, and our proprietary sensors, creating a robust data collection. This information is then harnessed to standardise data and offer actionable insights, empowering you to optimise operations.


Manage routes, number of trips, indicative payload, and cycle times to increase output.

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Understand fuel and energy use across your fleet and operation.


Our People Management feature associates operators with specific machinery, delivering in-depth productivity tracking and performance monitoring. Access Control, an integral part of our solution, enhances security by permitting engine activation solely for authorised personnel, bolstering asset protection and providing invaluable insights into machinery usage.

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Document control

Efficiently manage compliance-related documents, streamlining equipment management. Instantly access maintenance records, certificates, manuals, and site documentation, simplifying compliance management, promoting knowledge sharing, and ensuring quick safety procedure access, enhancing operational efficiency and safety, for smarter, more organised equipment management.

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Monitor site speed in real-time with built in alerts and out of hours operation.

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Baseline and report on emissions from your equipment fleet and manage idling hours.


Advanced equipment maintenance solutions, allowing precise monitoring of machine hour meters and efficient planning of future maintenance tasks. Our platform provides in-depth insights into machine usage, enabling real-time tracking and management of hour meters. Through data-driven analysis, you can optimise maintenance scheduling, minimising downtime, and maximising productivity.

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Our products

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MachineMax continues to develop solutions that provide visibility and actionable insight for construction and mining professionals across the globe. Our key products focus on helping you to manage People, Equipment and Material. Find out about our solutions below.