June 6, 2023

MachineMax and PLINX announce joint project at PlantWorx 2023!

Construction projects need information, not just data, if they are to use it to enhance operational performance. Good information supports better, faster decision making - a challenge MachineMax and PLINX are taking on with their integrated approach.

PLINX and MachineMax recognise the importance of integration at worksites to ensure the safety of individuals as well as enhancing operational efficiency to support the construction industry in meeting its ambitious Net Zero targets. By combining their cutting-edge technologies, this joint offering represents a significant milestone towards achieving a fully integrated worksite environment.

Building on the announcement of their co-operation and co-sponsorship of the ‘Get Connected Zone’’ at PlantWorx 2023, MachineMax and PLINX have revealed that this goes deeper than an acknowledgement of the benefit to customers who adopt both technologies.

Live, at Plantworx 2023’s ‘Get Connected Zone’, MachineMax and PLINX announced that they will be joining forces to create a revolutionary integration of their two technologies that will deliver significant value to contractors at project and business level. Utilising the MachineMax interface, AI and machine cloud we aim to deliver real-time, context-rich data to contractors using PLINX data and innovative hardware. Across all machine types this will positively impact safety, productivity and sustainability KPIs on every construction site. 

“Our indicative numbers estimate that Project Directors could be looking at an ROI of less than 1 year from investment in this solution.” PLINX’s CEO and Founder, Tommy Williams, claimed. “We are really keen to test this projection on a range of project scenarios as this has the potential to save real money - something that all construction programmes care about!”
He continued, “Another key driver for most customers is reducing emissions onsite, our in-cab alert systems will be key to providing real-time alerts to operators and an important part of the feedback loop we believe necessary to deliver behavioural change.”   

MachineMax’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Amy Law, acknowledged

“There’s no doubt that there’s been significant increases in connected assets and data focused innovations. Digitisation continues to  revolutionise the type and amount of information available to everyone involved in construction. A common concern though for all these users is that these innovations tend to be siloed and visibility limited across business functions.  
She went on to expand, “We’ve identified that, in addition to machine-specific data, users want common site-wide data that facilitates large-scale change, it’s not just about the machine - but how the machine interfaces with the environment it’s working in. Integrating with PLINX enables us to better understand the areas onsite that are unsafe and the people plant interface, connecting and coordinating people and machinery is an imperative step to mitigate these risks and promote a safer working environment.”

By combining their data and expertise, over time MachineMax and PLINX will be able to identify industry-wide trends and best practices, leading to more informed business-level decision-making and ultimately driving growth for all stakeholders involved in the construction industry.

Join us at the ‘Get Connected Zone’ and express your interest in a powerful partnership, working together to support your business with an integrated solution.

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