October 31, 2022

Redefining construction efficiency for Flannery and Amery Construction


Embark on a transformative journey with Flannery Plant Hire and MachineMax, as they redefine construction efficiency alongside Amery Construction. Facing limitations with OEM telematics software, Flannery turns to MachineMax to boost productivity and cut environmental impact on a £118m Scottish highways project with Amery Construction.


An early-adopter, Flannery Plant Hire recognised that its mixed fleet of plant/equipment posed significant limitations due to the variety of telematic software solutions available direct from OEMs. With customers increasingly looking for solutions to help reduce emissions and measure impact Flannery have been utilising the MachineMax dashboard to educate, inform and reduce idling time onsite with customer Amery Construction on a £118m highways infrastructure project in Scotland.


Using the heat maps and utilisation reports, this project has increased machine utilisation (to 83% despite a 78% increase in the amount of equipment on site). Using data has ensured that the right machine is on site at the right time and working on a suitable task.

Experience firsthand how digitalisation and data insights are reshaping construction for enhanced efficiency and sustainability in the case study below:

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