June 9, 2021

Plantforce Rentals partners with MachineMax to provide their customers with a new bespoke offering

Plantforce has partnered with MachineMax to provide their customers with a new digital service, enabling the client to improve site productivity.

Not only will Plantforce use MachineMax’s equipment platform to manage their plant, but they will also allow their customer to connect their entire fleet to the platform, providing them with a single view to all fleet operating on their projects. In addition, Hire Insights gives their client access to all operators hired from Plantforce. It also enables access to safety documentation and all relevant Plantforce details, from hire contracts to machines certification. Working together, Plantforce and MachineMax have created a solution using the latest technology, which combines rental data and fleet telemetry to see where equipment is and how it is being utilised

Sam Mercer, Chief Operating Officer at Plantforce Rentals
“Plantforce utilises telematic data and machine technology as part of our everyday operation. As we looked to create Hire Insights, we quickly identified a need to give customers access to the data that is being produced from the machines they hire. We also wanted to let the customer see our and their own machines on a single platform. MachineMax lets us do that. This option, combined with POD and Web Solutions, grants the customer complete access into Plantforce. POD allows the customer to view and download all operator details for the operators they have on hire. Web Solutions allows the customer to view and download all hire, safety, accounts and workshop documentation.”
Roberto Carton, Global Sales Manager at MachineMax
"From the moment we engaged with Plantforce we quickly established that both companies have an aligned vision as to where the industry is heading. Collectively we envisage new digital services, customer transparency and improved automation across construction in the UK. Plantforce is ahead of the curve offering unique solutions to transform the industry to enable new rental approaches. They are experts in telematics, with years of experience, so I am so glad they have chosen us to be their partner to drive, innovation and market differentiation."
MachineMax Company Information

MachineMax provides an equipment management platform for heavy equipment users and owners to maximise the productivity and profitability of every machine in the greenest way possible... any make, any model, anywhere!

The MachineMax full-stack offering includes a cloud-based aggregation layer which normalises and aggregates incoming equipment data, irrespective of the telematics provider. If an equipment is not connected, we can provide our revolutionary self-powered, wireless sensor. Cloud computing is then used to deliver real-time data and analysis, displayed in an intuitive platform which is accessible to all stakeholders, allowing users to optimise their fleet operations in real time. Our mission is to track all equipment, allowing our customers to manage their entire fleet from one place, providing visibility and allowing them to make decisions which result in improved revenue and capital discipline, decreased operating costs and a better carbon footprint.

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