January 23, 2024

Boosting productivity through effective construction data management for informed decision making

Maximising construction productivity through data-driven decision-making is the core of MachineMax's impact. Construction data, sourced from on-site machinery, encompasses vital metrics such as idling, fuel use, location, emissions and utilisation rates. Telematic hardware and innovative solutions like MachineMax provide enhanced insights, aiding informed decision-making and process optimisation.
What is construction data management?

Construction data, derived from on-site machinery, includes vital metrics like idling, fuel use, location, emissions, and utilisation rates. Originally gathered through OEM systems, it can also be collected via telematic hardware. Innovations like MachineMax further enhance data insights, aiding efficient decision-making and optimising construction processes.

What is data-driven decision making?

Data-driven decision-making is the practice of utilising relevant data or facts to validate and inform decision-making processes. This approach empowers decision-makers within organisations to enhance accountability and effectiveness by basing decisions on a combination of both evidence and expertise. With the integration of innovative solutions like MachineMax, which leverages advanced analytics and machine learning to optimise fleet management, the potential benefits multiply. When data is effectively utilised through tools like MachineMax, organisations can anticipate substantial increases in fleet productivity and notable cost reductions. This synergy between data-driven insights and cutting-edge technology not only refines decision-making but also propels operational efficiency to new heights.

ISTAK's data driven journey:

As a leader in Icelandic contracting for over half a century, optimising operations is crucial for sustained success. In April 2023, ISTAK made the strategic decision to collaborate with MachineMax. This partnership grants access to actionable data from over 300 machines, empowering the organisation to make more informed decisions. By leveraging MachineMax's capabilities, this long standing industry leader enhances operational efficiency, productivity and sustainability in its contracting endeavours.

Enhancing ISTAK’s fleet productivity through construction data management:

Construction data, sourced from telematic sensors and OEM systems, provides crucial insights into bottlenecks impacting fleet productivity. High idling rates, often due to congestion or engines left running during breaks, low equipment utilisation, and inefficient hauls can be identified and addressed using this data. As ISTAK emphasises, a partnership with MachineMax enhances visibility through heatmaps, enabling the pinpointing of idling hotspots. Aron Karlsson, a Project Manager, underscores the technology's role in uncovering and resolving issues, leading to fuel savings, emission reduction, and substantial productivity improvements.

How data-driven decision making has streamlined ISTAK’s highway project:

In the midst of ISTAK's ambitious project to construct a 19 km highway in Iceland, concurrently reducing the ring roads route by 11 km, the implementation of the MachineMax data solution has yielded remarkable outcomes by helping ISTAK manage construction data, showcasing substantial improvements in key operational aspects:

Increase in haul cycles per day: Leveraging the haul cycle analysis feature within the MachineMax productivity module, ISTAK identified and eliminated suboptimal routes, resulting in a noteworthy enhancement in workflow. This strategic approach led to a significant increase in the number of haul cycles, soaring from 15 to an impressive 18 loads per day.

Reduction in idling: Utilising real-time congestion and queuing tools with heat maps, ISTAK successfully pinpointed areas of congestion causing unnecessary idling. By redirecting machines to less congested routes, the company achieved a commendable 5% reduction in idling within a mere two months. This trend is poised to continue, promising further efficiency gains.

Increase in machine utilisation: Recognising the importance of optimal machine usage, ISTAK employed data insights to enhance machine utilisation. This involves reallocating less-used machines to different sites or strategically managing fixed costs. The result was a notable 5% increase in machine utilisation over a span of two months, showcasing the effectiveness of these proactive measures.

The context of these achievements is set within ISTAK's broader goal to significantly enhance Iceland's infrastructure, reduce commute times, and minimise fuel consumption for both commuters and travellers. ISTAK

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